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About ABT:

ABT is a multi award-winning "Key Partner" of Acco Rexel ( biggest market share for office shredders ). ABT have won awards every year since they started doing business with them.

ABT is the ONLY UK Company to have had our own shredder engineers trained on Acco Rexel premises in the service and repair of Rexel shredders.

ABT are also officially the top UK dealer for IDEAL shredders "2006 - 2007."

ABT are also fully authorised dealers for Ricoh photocopiers, Rexel shredders (plus 9 other brands of paper shredder), EBA guillotines, Ideal guillotines and a very wide range of print finishing and paper handling equipment of all descriptions.

ABT was formed in 1997.

ABT have served well over 6000 customers including:

  • The Welsh National Assembly,
  • The Welsh Library and British Library
  • Many universities
  • Police Authorities
  • The NHS
  • Many PCTs
  • The Scottish Parliament
  • The Lord Chancellor's Office
  • Government Departments
  • Embassies
  • Local and regional government bodies
  • The BBC
  • The RAF
  • The USAF
  • The British Army
  • Companies in the FTSE top 1000 index.


Our client list is impressive but so too are our prices and service.


ABT supports the National Identity Fraud Prevention Week. One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself against Identity Theft is to shred any documents containing any details about yourself, before throwing them in the bin.

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4 – 6 Evelyn Court
Deptford Park Business Centre, Grinstead Road
Deptford , LONDON
Call :020 8694 2716
Fax: 020 8691 4503

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