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National Identity Fraud Prevention Week is supported by the following organisations and companies.

Metropolitan Police
Detective Chief Superintendent Nigel Mawer said: "The Metropolitan Police Service is committed to working with partners to reduce economic criminality. For any fraud to be successful you have to have a knowing fraudster and an unknowing victim. We are pleased to be working with the reputable partners involved in National Identity Fraud Prevention Week, and raising public awareness together."

Crimestoppers operates across the UK to help identify, prevent, solve and reduce crime. This invaluable community service enables anyone with details of criminal activity to pass them on anonymously, without fear of exposure or retribution.
Jane Reay, of Crimestoppers said the following about the National Identity Fraud Prevention Week and about identity fraud: “Identity Fraud is not a victimless crime. It can take up to 300 hours of frustrating phone calls to deal with banks, credit card companies and other lenders - incurring enormous personal time, effort and cost. Anyone with details of activities relating to identity fraud should contact us to give information anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

CIFAS - The UK's Fraud Prevention Service
CIFAS is unique and is the world's first not for profit fraud prevention data sharing scheme with 260 members spread across banking, credit cards, asset finance, retail credit, mail order, insurance, savings and investments, telecommunications, factoring, and share dealing.
David Lennox of CIFAS added: “Identity Fraud is a growing issue in the UK. It is a silent crime with victims often unaware that anything is amiss until they receive demands for loan repayments or bills for goods they have not purchased, or discover transactions on credit card or bank account statements that they don’t recognise. We must do everything possible to make life harder for identity thieves.”

Fellowes are makers of paper shredders (one of the tools in the fight against identity theft) and their products are sold in over 100 countries. For a large selection of Fellowes paper shredders or to view over 300 different paper shredders from 9 manufacturers click the links.Tyron Hill, Marketing Director of Fellowes, added: “Organised criminal gangs will pay bin raiders for each document that contains an individual’s personal details. With just one or two pieces of information a fraudster can steal your identity. By far one of the easiest steps people can take to protect themselves is to shred private or personal information before throwing it away.”

Experian is a global leader in providing information, analytical and marketing services to organisations and consumers to help manage the risk and reward of commercial and financial decisions.Jill Stevens, Director of Consumer Relations at Experian, commented: “Since Experian first conducted research into identity fraud through bin diving in March 2002 and then again in December 2003 the public have been constantly reminded just what a horrible and destructive crime that this can be yet still many are not heeding the warnings. It is not enough just to tear up personal documents as that will not stop a determined fraudster, shredding is the only viable option. The National Identity Fraud Prevention Week will hopefully encourage more people to take the warnings seriously and as well as disposing of their information sensibly also applying for regular access to their credit report."

Other supporters of the National Identity Fraud Prevention Week include:Federation of Small Businesses, The Home Office and Equifax

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