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Why Buy A Paper Shredder?

One of the most fundamental, easiest and essential ways of preventing identity theft is to shred anything with your personal or company details on it, including even if it just has your name and address.

There is increased awareness on the issue of identity theft thanks to initiatives like the National Identity Fraud Prevention Week. However with the increase attention being brought to the amount of money identity fraud is costing Britain ( last estimates put it at £1.7 billion) the more likely it is to occur to the criminally inclined that this is one way of making money that they might never otherwise have thought of.

By investing in a paper shredder and shredding anything you throw away you greatly reduce the risk of becoming another statistic.

At the moment identity theft itself is not a crime although the Government is considering making it one. It only becomes a crime when a stolen identity is actually used to obtain goods and services by deception at which point it becomes known as identity fraud.

Simply by reducing paper documents into unreadable pieces of paper you deter would be bin raiders.

Today more and more people are investing in a paper shredder for the home and office to protect themselves and their business from one of Britain’s fastest growing crimes.

However think about this. A bin raider does the rounds down your street and checks your neighbour’s dustbin and realises he or she uses a crosscut paper shredder, making it nearly impossible for anyone to piece back together a document. Chances are he more than likely won’t waste his time going down that dustbin again but will move onto the next bin – which could be yours.

So as more and more people wise up to the real threat of identity theft and the huge hassle and inconvenience identity fraud creates more people are and will invest in a decent paper shredder. But in the same breathe the greater the number of your neighbours who buy and use a crosscut shredder before you do, the higher the chances of it being your dustbin that receives unwanted attention.

It can also take up to 300 hours of your time to repair your credit record if you become a victim of this particular crime ,and if you work out what your time is worth you will certainly realise that investing in a shredder not only help protect you but also makes financial sense.

Many victims do not discover their identity has been stolen for an average of 18 months.

ABT Office Supplies Ltd supplies over 300 paper shredders from 9 of the major manufacturers. By shredding often and shredding well, you will go a long way to protecting yourself against opportunistic identity thieves who might be looking to raid your dustbin for useful personal details.

So why should you buy a paper shredder from ABT?

Well, ABT is a multi award-winning "Key Partner" of Acco Rexel (biggest market share for office shredders ). ABT have won awards every year since they started doing business with them. They are also the ONLY UK Company to have had our own shredder engineers trained on Acco Rexel premises in the service and repair of Rexel shredders.

For extra security we recommend you choose either an Acco Rexel crosscut shredder or a Fellowes crosscut shredder from ABT.

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